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Ski Helmet & Sample Sale


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Repair Shop FAQ's

How much for a bike tune? bad did you break it?

Sometimes all it takes is a $5 repair to return your ride to its former glory, and then sometimes a prettier penny is required.  Either way, we'll let you know before we start working on it and we guarantee the most reasonable rates in town.

How long will it take if I bring my bike in to get worked on? bad did you break it?

It all comes down to how much attention the bike needs as well as if we need to order any parts.  One of our mechanics will be happy to give as accurate of a prediction as he can when you drop it off.

Can you ship my bike home for me?

Sure, we do it all the time.  To break down the bike and safely pack it into a box, as well as drop it off at the UPS store with a packing slip, we usually charge around $100. Sometimes, we'll even throw a free sticker or old sandwich in the box for you as a special gift. 

How can I tell if my bike needs to be tuned?

Did it ever used to ride better than it does now? If so, you can always feel free to swing by with your bike and talk to one of our guys about how we can bring back the magic.  

Can you order parts for me to pick up from the shop?

Of course! It always helps if you know exactly what parts you need (brand, model, product number), but if you aren't sure, we'll be happy to help you figure it out.

You guys are pretty good with your hands. Would you like to go on a date sometime?

We were required to add this to the FAQ's because of just how frequently we get asked.  Just like with your bikes, the answer is decided on a case-by-case basis.  It's always worth a shot though, ladies.