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Where are you located and is there parking available?

We're in Lionshead Village, at the base of the Landmark hotel.  Right between the Salomon store and Shirt Off My Back, and directly across from the Burton store, you can't miss us.  Just look for all the bikes out front!

Since we're in a pedestrian village, the only parking available is in the Lionshead parking structure.  The good news is that it's free and only a two minute walk to our front door.

Do I pay up front when renting a bike? What if I don't know how long I want to rent for?

Many people don't realize how much fun they're going to have on our bikes and tend to keep them at least a few hours longer than they had anticipated.  It's for just that reason that we take an imprint of a credit card and keep it on file with the rental form.  You can keep the bike for as long as you'd like and we'll have you pay when you return it.

As for our bike tours, however, we do take payment up front because we just charge a flat fee per person for the day.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

On our tours, yes. If you're mountain biking on Vail's trails, yes.  If you're just renting to cruise around town, helmets are highly recommended but not required.

What's the best way to make a reservation for a rental?

The easiest way would be to give us a call to book a bike rental or tour.  You can also contact us via this very website and write us a message detailing what and when you'd like to rent and for how long.  The earlier you reserve, the better! We'll get back to you within 48 hours.

If I rent a bike for 6 days, but only ride it 4 days, do I still have to pay for all 6?

If you keep that bike with you for all 6 days, you better be ready to pay for all 6 of those days! If you've got the bike, we can't rent it to someone else, so we'll certainly need to charge you.  If you want to take a day or two off between riding, you can return the bike and we'll do our best to reserve it for you for the next day you need it.

Do you rent gloves and protective gear?

We do rent protective gear like full-face helmets and elbow/knee pads for more aggressive riding (or to just look cool, we're not here to judge). We don't rent gloves, but we have some very affordable options in our retail area.  We always recommend wearing gloves for mountain biking.


What happens if I return my rental broken?

Hey bikes break sometimes, it happens!  Our guys will be able to tell if the damage was due to negligence or if it was just an unfortunate accident.  If you do have to pay for any damage on a bike, we always make sure to be as fair as possible with the cost. 

How much do you charge for a bike tune?

It all depends on how much work needs to be done.  Check out our Retail & Repairs section for more information!

Do you offer mountain bike tours or lessons?

We don't offer any tours or lessons on Vail Mountain because we aren't licensed to do so by Vail Mountain.  We would absolutely be happy to recommend certain spots on the mountain to ride though.

Do you rent motorized bikes?

We used to, but the guys that work here were the only ones who were interested in using it!  So we don't rent electric-assist bicycles anymore.

Do you sell bikes?

Nope, we're just a rental shop.  

During the summer, we'll sometimes have a handful of our used rentals that we're trying to sell for a good price and in the fall, we will try to sell off some of our rentals from the season before we have to put them in storage.

Can you teach my small child how to ride a big-kid bike?

I mean...we'll try.


Do you have MTB or road biking shoes for rent and pedals to put on your rentals?

We've got a very limited amount of pedals and shoes.  If you've got your own, we strongly suggest that you bring them with you.  We'll throw them on your bike for you while you're filling out the rental paperwork.